Fixing a Leaky Roof

Practical people can learn how to find and fix a roof leak.  But it is not easy!

Finding the source of a roof leak.

Yes! Time to get up into that roof space


Clambering up through the manhole from the top of a shaky old step ladder is how most DIY “handymen” get into their roof space.  After a quick look they normally come back down to grab a torch and some old clothes to cope with the darkness, dust and spider webs.

Properly equipped and back in the roof space, the search for tell-tale water stains begins.  The idea is that water stains will lead to the source of the leak – simple in concept, but not always so easy in practice, as discussed below.


Hazards of balancing on narrow ceiling joists.

But even if following a trail of water stains were easy, doing it in a roof space while balancing on narrow timber joists to avoid putting a foot through the ceiling “raises the bar” somewhat.

Quite apart from such difficulties, finding the source of a leak can be very time consuming – even for experts.  Stains may reveal that water has been dripping from a certain point on a rafter, for example, but because the rafter slopes downward, the source of the leak may be much higher up and not even close to the rafter, depending on the shape of the roof.

Dripping water would make the source of a leak more obvious, but that requires either rain, or a friend on a ladder hosing the roof while your search.  So normally, the search is for stains left previously by water from the leak.  On surfaces such as wood or plaster board, those stains may be easy to find, but on tiles or metal surfaces the water may have left no stains.

ladder to roof
High up, moving from ladder to roof

For the DIY householder, finding the source of a roof leak can be extremely time consuming and frustratingly difficult.  But that difficulty pales by comparison with the danger involved in getting onto the roof to fix a leak.  Unless you are experienced and fit, climbing to a genuinely dangerous height on a ladder and carefully – ever so carefully – moving from the top of the ladder onto the sloping surface of a roof is a scary experience.


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Why roof leaks must be found and fixed quickly

Despite the challenges, roof leaks must be found and fixed early.  The consequences of procrastination include serious damage to a property and its value and significant danger to the lives of its occupants.

electrocutionWhen water leaks into roof spaces or down in between walls, it can come into contact with electrical wiring.  The consequences can be catastrophic short circuits, fires, costly damage to electrical devices and even electrocution of people attempting to use the electricity.  And even if none of those occurs, roof leaks can stain and deform the plaster board in ceilings and walls, driving down the value of the property.

For these reasons, roof leaks need to be detected and fixed at an early stage before they can cause major safety hazards or significant property damage.

Common causes of roof leaks

ridge cap cracked mortar
Cracked mortar on the ridge capping


Loss of ridge cap mortar and cracked roof tiles.  Direct sunlight, extremes of temperature, strong winds and driving rain cause roofing materials to deteriorate.  The upside-down V-shaped ridge cap at the top of a tiled roof, for example, sits in a “bed” of mortar (sand and cement), which cracks easily.



ridge cap mortar loose
Ridge cap mortar that fell out


After a few years of withstanding Australian weather conditions, the mortar used to bed the ridge capping begins to work loose and pieces start falling out.  Those same conditions make roof tiles more brittle, so they crack when someone walks on them to fix ridge capping, or fix loose tiles, or roof flashing.


flashing around chimney
Flashing around a chimney



Flashing deterioration. Flashing is what roofers use to place a waterproof seal around things that penetrate the roof, such as chimneys, roof vents, skylights etc..  As weather causes flashing nails to work loose or caulking to dry out and crack, flashing will need to be repaired.



Gutter cleaning unsafe
Very unsafe gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters and downpipes.  Leaves and other debris can clog gutters and downpipes and cause water to overflow into eaves and flood roof spaces. It is vital to regularly clear debris from the roof, clean out gutters and use a hose to test that water flows quickly and easily off the roof, along the gutters and down through all downpipes.  The amount of work involved can be reduced considerably by installing gutter guard that keeps the guttering relatively free of debris.


Holes in the roof. Obviously, all holes in a roof must be properly sealed. Holes can be caused when items such as TV antennae are removed. Finding small holes in a roof can be difficult and time consuming for the average DIY “handyman” as noted at the beginning of this article. The painless solution is to call in the experts at Reliance Roofing ACT.

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Colorbond® Roofing – Why it’s so Popular

Colorbond Roof Rotate 5We install Colorbond® steel roofing because it is one of the world’s most advanced building materials.  It has a strong, corrosion resistant Zincalume steel base and a durable, exterior grade, backed on, topcoat that resists chipping, peeling and cracking and is designed to be low maintenance and to look good for years.

Colorbond® Steel is lightweight and flexible.  It suits homes of all ages and styles.  It can also be moulded and shaped for dramatic and individual effect (see the example on our commercial roofing page).

The Colorbond® Colour Ranges

Corner house colorbond roofEach of the 22 designer colours shown below provides a durable, exterior grade paint finish, resistant to peeling, flaking and blistering. So you can be sure that your  Colorbond® steel roof, gutters and downpipes stay looking newer for longer.

Colorbond Colourchart 10x6

Click here to visit the Colorbond online colour visualiser, an ingenious tool that allows you to select a home that looks like yours and then select the different colour combinations for its roof, gutters and downpipes.  You can then test how you and your partner or friends feel about the visual impact of various alternatGreen metal roof many hipsives and achieve a really stunning finish for your home.

All Colorbond® roofing, gutters & downpipes are backed by a BlueScope Steel Warranty of up to 20 years from the date of installation.  Fascia is not covered by the warranty.

Colorbond® roofing – five layers of protection:

Colorbond 5 layers

  1. The steel base is manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.
  2. The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  3. A thin pretreatment layer is applied to optimise the adhesion of further coatings.
  4. A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface.
  5. A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.Colorbond® roofing provides five layers of protection:

When you’ve chosen your colour scheme, Reliance Roofing ACT will be pleased to help you with every detail of putting your plans into action painlessly and professionally.

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Why Overflowing Gutters Endanger and Devalue Your Home

Gutter weedsWhen gutters overflow, they’re probably full of leaves or the downpipes are blocked.  If rainwater can’t escape through the downpipes, it escapes whichever way it can.  The overflow can create puddles big enough to damage your gardens, or be forced inside your home where damage is often far more costly.

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix that can make gutter problems a fire hazard that endangers your family. And if gutters overflow into your roof space, ugly stains can appear on your ceiling and devalue your home, perhaps your biggest asset.


Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard largeGutter Guard is a protective mesh installed over your gutters. It lets rain in, but keeps leaves, sticks, bark and other potential blockages out.  It’s quick and easy to install, and considering how much it can save you in the long term, it’s incredibly cost-effective.

The Result Is: No blockage.  No rust or leakage.  No damage to your property.

Plus: If you live in Bush Fire prone area, Gutter Guard keeps potential fuel out of your gutters, keeping your family safe.

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Gutter Repairs

Inspecting down pipe


If your house has rusty or leaky gutters, or blocked or undersized downpipes, every time it rains your property is being subjected to water damage.  The longer you leave your guttering problems, the worse they get.  Water can overflow into spaces containing electrical cables making gutter problems a fire hazard that endangers your family.  Plus, unsightly gutters reduce your home’s asset value.


Gutter Inspections

A full inspection of your gutters can last about 45 minutes and includes digital photos of:

  • Any contaminated (rusting) areas on gutters.
  • Guttering problems requiring immediate action.
  • Any potential risks, such as rotting timbers, eave damage, blocked or damaged storm water or downpipes.

valley-blocked-with-leavesA verbal report will then outline the most cost-effective solution to your guttering problems.

If you’d like a detailed, written report to review, we’ll post it within 24 hours.  Valued at $159, you’ll receive it for just $59 AND if you go ahead with our services, this cost will be taken off your quote.

After your inspection, you’ll be fully informed about your gutters and what they require.  We’re happy for you to compare our prices with other roofing companies so you can make an informed decision.  Make us one of your three quotes and you’ll see how competitive our prices are.

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Satisfaction guaranteeWith Reliance Roofing, you’ll experience the highest standards of value, workmanship, knowledge and advice.  All of our work is guaranteed from start to finish, so you’ll always receive the best value for your money.


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